Can really revosleep damage a hd?

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PostPosted: 24.08.2010, 03:02    Post subject: Can really revosleep damage a hd? Reply with quote

This is not a claim nor a complaint ...

I installed revosleep, put disk 1 to sleep. All ok, partitions is disk 1 did not appear in explorer. Neither disk 1 was appearing in disk manager (under system manager).

I also noticed that -strangely- dirk 0 was not appearing in disk manager !

Then, asked revosleep to awake disk 1, revosleep hung and the disk make strange noises (repeated hrrermm hrreemm ...); no disk back.

I power donw the pc. Started to no luck, no boot and disk 1 continuously made hhrrerrm hhrreemm ...; then I unplug power from disk 1, reboot, luck ok.

Shutdown, power off, plug the disk 1 back ... and ... uf, system boot up ok!

Coincidence? Disk near failure (HDTune gives for it about 4500 hours working time);
HD = ST3320620A ; IDE ; according to seagate specs, MTBF 700,000 hours See

Bad luck?
Any hint?
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PostPosted: 26.08.2010, 12:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

Further report
Disk was accesible, although from time to time pc froze; that freezes coincide with the disk making its strange sounds. I tried to copy the contents and took hours.
My impression is that the disk tries to stop itself and the system tries to awake it. The sounds may be the down-up fight. PC freezes until disk becomes usable again.

I pass all kind of Seagate diagnostics. Disk is reported as ok.
I chechek the disk with HD Tune, all ok, only down plumments in transfer speed to zero from time to time (at the same time the disk making its noise hrurm hrum and the pc frozen),

I tried to "turn off" the disk with revosleep, in order to see if I could "turn on" after. Trying to turn off, I got message: failied to deactivate device. Veto name blablabbla (disk id stuff).

I found a tool called hddscan. I order the disk to spin up, then down. Followed the cycle several times.

Then, I tried with revosleep. Works! Now I can turn off the disk and come back to live!

on/off topics for hard disk seems to be a not clearly explained topic over internet! So, my "solution" has a little of "magic", dont ask many questions!

- Revosleep: option to turn on a disk (even if it has not been turn off before)
- a real explanation of revosleep working
- a real FAQ (see my new post with my findings)

Finally, I miss a real FAQ in relation to all this disk on/off topic, as well as a description of how revosleep works.
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PostPosted: 27.08.2010, 15:36    Post subject: Reply with quote

I also assume that the disk tries to sleep itsself and the system acess the drive (awake it). But revoSleep doesn't uses some kind of standby timer. It only try to sleep the disk for exactly one time. The settings for the standby timer will not be touched.

Maybe it has something to do with the initial settings of your hd sw. Or you configured a standby timer by yourself before. Maybe while using revoSleep this timer was activated. You should not set any standby timer for your hd because you can get problems as you described when the timer was set to low.

Note unfortunately revoSleep is stilll a Beta version. So you have to use it on your own risk.

For your other questions see your post:
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