Incorrect function (Errorcode 1).

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PostPosted: 20.02.2009, 10:04    Post subject: Incorrect function (Errorcode 1). Reply with quote

I get an error when I try to sleep my drive.

Failed to sleep Device!
Drive H:
Incorrect function (Errorcode 1).


Using a NVIDIA nForce4 Parallel ATA Controller on an A8N-SLI Deluxe.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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PostPosted: 21.02.2009, 00:35    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had the same problem with my Asus P5ND2-SLI board, which also has an nforce chipset.
The only solution that I found to get this program working is by changing the driver for the controller, that the drive you want to manage to sleep/wake after your liking is connected to, from type SATA to IDE. I found out, that the burst speed and sustained throughput seems to remein the same, but it still has undesired effects: no NCQ, no hotplugging. For a drive that you consider to put to sleep a lot of the time, NCQ i a neglectable feature to lose. Hotplugging would pose a problem though, if you have a drive swap carrier or a eSATA panel connected to that controller.
So here's how I went about it with my system.
I can hook up four SATA devices, so there are two SATA controllers onboard. I connected the hd I want to power manage and the sata dvd writer to one and the same controller, since they both don't need hotplugging nor NCQ, and I only made the change for that controller from SATA to IDE. The system disk and the eSATA panel I put on the other controller and left it alone, as SATA with NCQ, hotplugging and all the trimmings.
Changing the controller's driver: win-key+pause (or any other way that takes u to the..) system settings -> hardware tab -> device manager -> IDE/ATAPI-Controller: pick and double click the NVIDIA nforce 4 SATA controller that you want to change, check if it's the right devices connected to it, if so, hitthe driver tab and then the update button. Proceed with the dialogs: "No, not this time", "Software from list",
bottom choice "manually select from list" next change driver to "Standard two-channel IDE". R E B O O T.
Now RevoSleep should work properly. And it's nice when it does. It it not only quieter and saves energy because the drive(s) aren't running, but also because they don't produce any heat any more and so the fans can go slower - adds up.

It's plain crazy that esssential tools like this don't come naturally with modern operating systems. I had to spent almost a whole day to find this and figure out how to make it work, with the above described compromises. This woulda been a thing of Microsoft's, but no, after 7 years development in 7 GB of system crap you don't find a tool for this. They're so behind it's pathetic.
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PostPosted: 03.04.2009, 16:16    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've ran into identical problem with my ATA drive attached to VIA Raid Controller. Since changing drivers of this controller for standard ones from Windows certainly won't help, I have to rely on Windows power management (I need to put hdd into sleep mode to hotswap mechanical part of the drive - it is the only way to get my data back without much expense).
antiant wrote:
It's plain crazy that esssential tools like this don't come naturally with modern operating systems (...)
You're wrong - such tools don't come with modern *Windows* (nor obselete ones), since in Linux there's simple yet powerfull tool hdparm that is way much better and more powerfull than revosleep...
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PostPosted: 30.05.2010, 02:09    Post subject: Reply with quote


just had the same error message with my older Board K8VM800M and my SATA drive.

Changing the driver to Standard two-channel IDE didnt solve the problem, the error message remains.

Any ideas?
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