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PostPosted: 11.01.2008, 22:28    Post subject: The Request is not supported ErrorCodde 50 Reply with quote

It is possible to put the USB drives to sleep?
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PostPosted: 16.01.2008, 13:10    Post subject: Reply with quote

atm it doesnt seem to work with usb drives, because they dont support the essential commands ...

but simply pull out your usb drive Winken
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PostPosted: 11.07.2008, 14:46    Post subject: spindown USB drives, a solution exists but it is not simple Reply with quote

Spinning down USB drives is tricky. You need to take the drive out of the enclosure and attach to internal IDE or SATA (depending what interface the drive uses). Then use HDDScan (freeware) to set spindown counter for the HDD. This counter is independent of OS spindown counter and the counter is purely hardware ... the HDD itself keeps track of idle time... it will spin down at specified idle time even if only power cable was attached!

After configuring the drive, remove from internal controller and put into USB box. When you unmount the drive letter (using any of the available methods), it will be idle and spin down at whatever timeout you specified.

Exceptions to the rule: some HDDs lose their set spindown counter upon power cycling. That sucks. You're screwed. Those who remember it are OK. If I remember correctly, at least my Hitachis remember the setting. I had some trouble with Maxtors (pre-Seagate acquisition) or WD3200JB but I don't remember which one.

Partial spin-down (reduced rpm) is also possible but ONLY with HDDs manufactured by Hitachi. Another step-back is that in maximum power saving setting of Advanced Power Management (APM) heads are unloaded in 2 minutes and low-rpm occurs at 10 minutes. With (complete) spindown counter, you can set the timer to 1 second... (but that'd wear out the drive during normal use and cause severe performance problems using it), so it's kinda bummer that less drastic power saving modes cannot be set to such low timer values.

These spindowns occur at hitting the timer. No command can be applied to spin down immediately when drive is connected through USB. That is, not with default Windows USB mass storage drivers. Some enclosures have their own drivers (but most of them can also be used with default drivers in compatibility mode with reduced features). Maxtor OneTouch is one of them. Too bad commands used for immediate spindown of disks inside use manufacturer specific commands so implementing them to revoSleep isn't worth the trouble of reverse-engineering how they work.
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