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PostPosted: 20.03.2020, 12:29    Post subject: Works when manually putting the drive offline Reply with quote


Thank you for providing revosleep. Great app, very useful for multi disk laptops.

On my MSI GL72M the hard drive was still spinning up every few seconds even with revosleep. I read the FAQ and followed all steps. Or at least I tried my very best.

In Windows 10 Pro x 64 at this time, the version which I am using at least, the processes are named a bit differently as it seems. Or I have found the wrong ones.

system restore (Systemwiederherstellung) --- the closest thing I found is called Windows Backup (Provides backup and restore capabilities) - disabled it.
TrkWks (Überwachung verteilter Verknüpfungen (Client)) ---- Distributed Link Tracking Client (Maintains links between NTFS files within a computer or across computers in a network) -- disabled it.
Windows Search / Microsoft Indexing Service (Windows Search/Searchindexer) --- Yes this is called Windows Search - disabled it.

I also installed the process explorer and looked for anything with a handle to the drive letter which I was using. No results at all.

Exception to virus scanning was added for that drive - Windows Defender would not check this.

No app which would access any data on that drive was running - or at least none that I would be aware of. Nothing system related is stored there.

So I am at a total loss why the drive would spin up.

I observed the following however:

Using RevoSleep, putting the drive to sleep does not remove the drive letter from Windows. The assigned drive letter is still listed under "This PC", however the drive name is replaced with "Local Drive".

I just made a test. Opened Disk Management, and manually set the drive as offline. When I did that, the drive letter disappeared altogether from Windows. Not only the name. Then I used RevoSleep to actually spin down the drive.

I have done this about 5 minutes ago and so far, the drive did not spin up again. It seems to be successful thus far.

So I think for the future, I will have to do this in two steps: Manually set the drive offline with Windows+X Disk Management, and then use revosleep.

I am not sure whether it is possible to have the software execute the offline step as well. From the description it seems like it is supposed to do just that. When I do it manually, it seems to work - it is however a bit of extra work.

Thank you! Smilie

Best regards
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PostPosted: 25.03.2020, 14:13    Post subject: edit... Reply with quote

It works "better" let's say. The drive still spins up occasionally, even when manually set offline plus Revosleep. However the time between spin ups is a lot longer now. Cheers...
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PostPosted: 25.03.2020, 18:53    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi sumsel. Thanks for your feedback. First, I have two questions:

- What version of revosleep are you using?
- How did you put the drive manually to offline (just removed drive letter, please name the single steps)?

With revoSleep 0.4.0 you should be able to put a drive to sleep while taking it offline and/or deactivate it. Since there was a change in Windows 10, usually you should only take it offline (and not deactivate it) to make sure it remains in sleep mode. But of course you can test the "deactivate" setting and check if it works (in this case the drive is also not shown under "This PC").

So finally I'm not sure what you mean with "set the drive as offline" as revoSleep was already doing this for you (according to your description). Obviously you also skipped the "deactivate" setting since otherwise the drive would disappear. Anyway that might be correct since with the "deactivate" setting and Windows 10 the drive would potentially wake up immediately.

Furthermore I assume that some process tries to access your drive at any point. This could be also the listing of all devices in the device manager or computer management for instance.

Let's first see what you did so far and then figure out what can cause to wake up the drive after this.
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